Today’s students are no longer just consumers of information. They are creators, producers, developers, and collaborators of all types of information and media. They literally have the world at their fingertips. National and international collaborators are just a click away.
In today’s work force, communication and data are transferred much more readily than previous years. Using programs such as Skype, Google Docs, wikis, blogs, YouTube, email, videoconferencing, teleconferencing and podcasts allow consumers of information to connect on a more personal level and at a much faster rate.
Through observation and classroom discussions, I have come to the conclusion that my students lack understanding and awareness of our global world. Every day our world is becoming flatter and the possibility for connection and collaboration are becoming easier than in previous years. It is now possible for more people to collaborate and compete in real time on all different types of projects with people from different corners of the world. There is a need in today’s educational system to prepare our students for success in the global world. We live in a time of rapid change, new challenges, and infinite opportunities. We now have access to brand new and compelling opportunities to learn by building knowledge in collaboration with others (Warlick, 2006).
Educators need to find a form of communication that can be used by students that will help them become global learners. As an educator, I need to extend the four walls of my classroom and provide the opportunity for an international and collaborative learning environment.

This project will investigate an international collaboration amongst elementary students in grades 4-5 (9-11 year olds). Within this paper, the investigation will explore the following items:

• Why is global education and global awareness important?
• How will international exchange of podcasts enhance global understanding of the students involved?
• What are the benefits of international collaboration?
• What is podcasting and what is its role in an elementary classroom?